Oven-Roasted Rosemary Halibut with Fresh Tomato-Zucchini Sauce

Shown here with white beans.

It’s easy to avoid cooking fish or to cook it as simply as we can possibly figure because we’re unsure of our fish-cooking abilities. Or maybe fresh fish isn’t so available and feels expensive — especially in a land-locked state. Perhaps there’s a fear factor involved or we wonder, “Is fish really good for us?” How fast does it go bad? When is it done? How do I not overcook it? So we go with grilled wild salmon once a month in good weather. Salt, pepper, lemon. Air Fried fish and chips might be a step up. A pound of shrimp for Christmas Eve. Truth to tell, fish is good for us, is readily available nationwide (even if frozen), and is the original fast –and easy — food. Lots of people order fish from restaurant menus, but hesitate to cook much at home. Want to change that at your house?

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Grilled Patty Pan and Yellow Squash with Fresh Tomato Sauce: Appetizer, Side, or Main

It’s not unusual for a friend, student, family member, or neighbor to ask me to cook something — happens on a fairly regular basis. I’m known to oblige whether it’s food for a funeral lunch or a favorite pie they’d like for dessert. Occasionally there’s a request to figure out how to cook a certain dish or food. It might take me a while, but I’m typically up for the challenge. Not long ago, old friend Helen Brockman (at left) asked if I could come up with a new way to cook patty pan squash. She’d even bring some over. “Sure,” I said; “why not?”

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One-Pan Pork Tenderloin with White Beans, Cabbage, and Tomatoes

Under 30 minutes!

My post about the cookbook gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Days a couple of weeks ago resulted in a tasty stack of books hanging around my office and kitchen. While I cook off the top of my head for the most part, I also know the road toward growth and innovation is paved with reading, seeing, tasting, talking, cooking and testing new dishes. When I had a minute or two –and let’s face it, we’re pretty much still staying home, so I do have time — I kept flipping through those books, enjoying them more and more. Given ingredients are a bit scarce, even though I wanted to cook a whole bunch of different recipes, unless I wanted to wait a week for the next grocery run, I probably had to punt to put one on the dinner table.

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Best Summer Sides from More Time at the Table

Grilled Zucchini and Corn Salad

This week marks the beginning of weekend picnics, warm holiday get togethers, nights in the backyard, weeks at the beach, days at the cabin, and all kinds of thrilling grilling on your balcony or patio!  For fun, I ran through my TOP FAVORITE original summer sides on More Time at Table and brought them all together in one place just before Memorial Day.  I’ll keep perusing my files and as I find other luscious things I think you’d like, I’ll stick them in.  Be cool!

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Quick and Lusty Tomato Soup


Done in under a half hour, this lusty (I almost said perky, but perky it isn’t) soup just about jumped out of the pot, put its arms around me, and begged me to eat it.  Wonderful for the I-ate-too-many-chocolates post-holiday cooking time,  you can skip the fresh basil, if you still haven’t gotten to the store, and add Herbes de Provence or a combination of dried oregano and basil.  Easily vegan and gluten-free (with a few changes or lack of a garnish), this meal will heat everyone up despite the weather.  It’s sunny, but snowy … Continue reading

Cook the Book — Last Week — Tomato-Carrot Soup with Feta


(Above:  Soup is easily vegan without the feta garnish.)

This is the last week I’ll  feature a recipe from my new book, Soups & Sides for Every Season (click HERE to order).   Make the recipe, photograph it, email the pic to me:  soupsandsides@gmail.com.   If yours is the first email with a recipe photo I receive, I’ll mail you a book!  Don’t forget to include your snail mail address in the email as well as any adjustments you made to the recipe.  Now get “cooking!”  I can’t wait to hear from you.

My first for-real book signing is Saturday, July 19 (11am – 1 pm) at Aspen Kitchens and Design Studio here in Colorado Springs:  5134 North Nevada Ave. Colorado Springs, 80918 –University Village Complex. I’ll have a few books with me, but you still have time to buy one and bring it!  There may even be some soup or something else to taste.  Come see!  Next up is Shouse Appliances at Academy and Austin Bluffs; date tba.  There’ll be some cooking going on at Shouse, of course.

Soup Book-Cover final

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38 Power Foods, Week 14 — Tomatoes — Photos from my Tomato Gallery

Julia’s 100th Birthday post:  Salmon Fillet en Papillote with Spinach and Tomatoes
Just for fun this time, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tomatoes and tomato dishes  from both of my blogs …  Enjoy my crop!

Farro Salad with Canned Salmon (not on the blogs yet)

Egg and Egg White Omelet with Cottage Cheese on Toast

Basil-Tomato Egg White-Egg Omelet (not on blog)
My Little Shop of Horrors 2 Cherry Tomato plants

BLT Risotto

Shrimp-Quinoa Salad with Feta and Tomatoes

Guacamole Soup from my upcoming book, 30 Soups in 30 Minutes


Grilled Chicken Salad with Boccacini and Asparagus
Grilled Fish with Asparagus on Greens
Just making sure you’re looking.  No tomatoes, but a favorite picture!

Bacon Caprese with a Green Bean and Mustard Vinaigrette at Center
Linguine Caprese (from last Monday)
Grilled Eggplant and Sausage Pasta–made totally on the grill

Lunch Counter Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomato


Garlic Bread Grilled Tomato under Grill Press

Proscuitto Caprese with Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Crispy Parmesan Chips (not on blog yet)

Closeup of above

My ribs.  My sauce.  Dave grills!

Rice and Bean Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

Egg White – Spinach Omelet with Salsa and Fresh Tomatoes

Garlic Bread Grilled Tomato Sandwich


Chicken-Guacamole Salad with Fresh Lime Vinaigrette

Plain old tuna salad for Dave’s lunch
Diana Kennedy’s salsa


Sauteing cherry tomatoes for salad–I use the oil for the dressing
Eggs, tortillas and fresh salsa for breakfast
Fried Egg and Potato Salad

Not blogged, but Dave baked these breadsticks (made from my pizza dough) on the grill!
This is just any old salad, though it tastes just the opposite with Minnesota tomatoes.

Meatball Subs
Walleye Salad

Poached Egg Chef’s Salad

Egg Salad
Fish baked in tomatoes

These (above and below) are part of the BLT risotto preparation.

Tapenade Salad (w/ lemon vinaigrette)–a summer favorite of mine

Sole on Leeks with Salad  (also on Food52)

Alyce’s Homemade Tomato Soup with Fried Cheese
Tomatoed Cod with Spinach
Ratatouille-Steamed Salmon with Jasmine Rice and Spinach

For information on the wonderful things tomatoes do for your body (besides make it happy,) visit LiveStrong.   Thank for reading the blog today!

I blog with a great group of food writers on Fridays as we cook our way through the list of foods from Whole Living Magazine’s Power Foods:  150 Delicious Recipes with the 38 Healthiest Ingredients: 

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These are my own recipes (with noted exceptions) and can be found on this blog or on my blog Dinner Place, Cooking for One. unless otherwise noted.
Photos/all copyright Alyce Morgan, 2012


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