Eggs on Risotto Cakes with Basil and Spinach or What to do with Leftover Risotto


IMG_2702A Twin-Cities friend who is a member of the church I served in Minneapolis…


Miss you…Prospect Park United Methodist.

… once told me, “I’m so glad when you give some ideas of what to do with the leftovers!”  I know I should do it more often, because creative leftover use is one of the hallmarks of being a good cook.  (And often we like the leftovers even better than the original dish.)

In the interest of being a conservative cook — and as a lifelong Dem, I mean this only in the strictest sense of the word  — who throws little away, I am sincere in using up every last little bit. Am I always successful?  Certainly not. But I try. It strums up my creativity; it saves a buck.  It stretches me as a cook, as a lover of food, the earth, and my own locale. It saves time. Sometimes I just want to read a Louse Penney book.

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Spicy Shrimp on Lemon-Chive Risotto with Tomato Salad or What to Eat After a Cruise




A thought for the evening following a political convention:

“In a world so torn apart by rivalry, anger, and hatred, we have the privileged vocation to be living signs of a love that can bridge all divisions and heal all wounds.”

–Henri Nouwen

                               from a Diana Butler Bass post on fb

Just home from an Alaskan cruise...What words could I use to describe it?  None, I think. A few photos might help.

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Cream of Veggie Tray Soup with Cheese or After the Ball is Over



NOTE TO READERS:  THE BLOG AND I ARE NOW ON VACATION UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM US AGAIN. Enjoy your summer. Eat all the tomatoes you can.  Drink all the ice-cold margaritas someone else will make you.  Garden as possible, hike, or walk in the park.  Get to water while the sun shines and simply look at it if you’re not climbing into a kayak.

Party leftovers engender their very own meals and why not?  This morning there were 10 leftover egg whites (from lots of ice cream making), a tray a veggies, pulled pork, tortillas, and salsa.  A few minutes later there were breakfast tacos. I did find a little bacon to start that whole thing off.  I now love pulled pork breakfast tacos.IMG_3664

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Strawberry-Blueberry Almond Muffins



Our youngest is home for a few days to celebrate her dad’s retirement.  And, just for grins and giggles, I stirred up a batch of muffins for breakfast. You might like them for the Fourth of July.

On Dave’s last day at work, he, too, lit up when I asked about a little tiny sweet to start the day.   Continue reading

Frozen Vanilla Yogurt with Strawberries and Blueberries for the 4th of July



IMG_2535I don’t know what you make for the 4th of July. It’s kind of a hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet type day…though in my opinion hot dogs are for ball games,  apple pie isn’t often on the menu at a summer cook-out, and lots of us drive Subarus.  I’m sure we typically have burgers. Potato salad.  Brats. The occasional barbecue ribs or chicken. You?? I looked through the blog to see what I’ve written about over the years. The theme seems to be RED, WHITE, AND BLUE…  I appear to be a somewhat hokey cook. Hmm. Who knew?

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Veggie Frittata or What to Do with that Last Leftover Serving of Vegetables from Dinner the Other Night



A scant cupful of sautéed or grilled vegetables from last night’s dinner-or even the night before’s.  Eggs. Fresh tomatoes and basil. Or not.  Maybe a little grating of cheese or a little chopped cheese that’s about to mold. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner is then served in under 5 minutes if you make your very own little vegetable frittata, which is just an Italian word for open-faced omelet. Have a little meat, too? Throw it in.  Freshly cooked vegetables are good 3-5 days in the refrigerator.  Cooked chicken, by the way, is ok for 3-4 days, too–as is cooked bacon.  Using up your leftovers will make you feel better about living a green life and will make your wallet happy, as well. Continue reading

Garlic-Dill Salmon Spread with Salt and Pepper Crostini–Father’s Day Appetizer



My apologies if you received an unfinished version of this post earlier. Somehow instead of saving an edit, I inadvertently published the post.  Please discard that mistake. Here’s the finished product that should make more sense!

I’m a fan of cooking once, eating three (five, ten) times and it’s true for fish, too.  If I have leftover salmon –which we’re supposed to eat a couple of times a week–I often make soup or a salad.  I DO realize salmon has hit this blog a few times lately, but somehow summer and salmon simply go together. I keep having bunches.


 Quick Salmon-Irish Cheddar Chowder

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Cold Whole Lemon-Asparagus Soup with Wine–Some (Don’t) Like it Hot



It’s just beginning to warm up in Colorado Springs, but I’m already balking at long-cooking times and big plates of hot food.

IMG_6104Blooming milkweed with swallowtail in my yard. Read about it here.

Or maybe it’s time for  Dave, my trusty sous and husband, to cook on the grill and give me a break.


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Tuna-Cado Dinner: No-Cook White Bean Salad with Avocado and Tuna




If you’re like me, there are some days you will not be going to the grocery store. Maybe it’s Sunday and you know how crazy the parking lot is or perhaps it’s a warm Thursday night and you’ve had it.  (What is “it?”)  Could be you’re too busy enjoying the irises blooming for the first time in eleven years – below.  Or you’re avoiding the mama robin nested outside your back door so you can work in the garden without her defecating on you. (Second photo below: Yes, she did this to me.)

IMG_2433 IMG_2437

In reality, you unthawed nothing because you were, uh, working, reading a sleazy novel at the pool, running kids, on a hike, at a meeting, or watching movies. Could be you’re lazy, which is an admirable once-in-a-while quality. Do cultivate it.  You are not lighting the grill and you’re not opting out by ordering pizza or Chinese. You could eat a green salad. Again.

Alyce Morgan's photo.
 (above: Rosie (Miss Bo-Bo) and Tucker waiting for crusts when I DO order pizza.  Not today, though)

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Grilled Asian-Style Tuna with Broccoli Slaw–Playing with a Favorite Patricia Wells Recipe in Colorado




I am a dyed-in-the-wool Patricia Wells fan. This ex-pat food writer and cooking  teacher extraordinaire is a favorite from waaaay back.  If you don’t know Patricia or her work, I borrowed the following from her website and I don’t think she’ll mind…

More About Patricia….

Patricia Wells is a journalist, author, and cooking school teacher who has lived in France since 1980. A former reporter for The New York Times, she was global restaurant critic for the International Herald Tribune for more than 25 years. She  has written fourteen books, is a four-time James Beard Award winner, and has been honored by the French government for her contribution to French culture. She runs her cooking school, At Home with Patricia Wells, in both Paris and Provence, where she lives with her husband, Walter, retired executive editor of the International Herald Tribune.


I haven’t yet had the honor of studying with her in Paris or Provence (though I lust after the opportunity on a yearly basis), but it’s in the plan, on the bucket list, and alive in my prayers.  I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP!! DON’T RETIRE, PATRICIA! Continue reading


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