I’m a Colorado blogger at 6,500 feet, an avid home cook, recipe tester, cookbook writer, and cooking teacher.  I  have worked as Jenn-Air and DACOR Chef at Mountain High Appliance in Colorado Springs for the last year or so, but have recently resigned to tackle other projects and to be able to travel more. (Below, a peep at our trip to Venice and beyond last October.)




I often teach cooking classes; you should come! Friend me on fb to see what’s coming up or look at the top right hand corner of the blog:  CURRENT CLASSES. Though I’m not working at it right now, I often serve as a church music director and teach piano at home.  For many years, I worked as a librarian as well.  I’m married to the love of my life, and am the mom of great adult children. I’m also grandma to one adorable boy and one beautiful little girl, and am the pet of a spoiled golden retriever named Tucker and a black labradoodle, Rosie–better known as Miss Bo-Bo.


Most of the time, I live right in Colorado Springs, but I also love in St. Paul, Minnesota — home of the best farmer’s market in the United States.   I support World Food Programme in the fight against world hunger and blogged for a long time at dinnerplace.blogspot.com — cooking for one. Occasionally you’ll see my recipes other places, but I’m pretty much a food blogger and teacher.

My recipes are ones I’ve cooked at home for my friends or family; I’ve done my very best to give accurate recipes, but in all cases use your best judgment and cook as you like.  Some of the recipes are ones I’ve tested thoroughly; others are dishes I created and cooked once for dinner.  A very few have been tested by recipe testers. If you have any difficulties or questions with my recipes, I would be very happy to hear about them via comment at the end of the post that includes the recipe.  All recipes in my book (below) were very well-tested by a variety of people at sea level and at altitude.



Smoky Shrimp-Green Chile Chowder recipe here.

Gluten-Free, Vegan, South Beach Diet or Weight Watchers Diets:  My categories are merely suggestions. I am not a dietician or expert and have been known to publish the occasional mistake.  Please read recipes/labels thoroughly and follow your own good sense about what you need nutritionally.

Soup Book-Cover final

My  book — Soups & Sides for Every Season — has been published by amazon.com. Click HERE to order.

I’d prefer that you contact me for information on photo or recipe use. I’m usually happy to share, but don’t like to see my photographs or recipes floating around the internet without a credit. Contact me @ afmorgan53@yahoo.com.  If you’ll at least link back to my post, though, I’ll probably be perfectly content!

Thanks for stopping by, cook as often as you can, and please always sing a new song,


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Alyce – I recently discovered you when I googled “lamb shanks ina garten” and found your blog and website. I am a huge Ina Garten fan so I signed up to receive your Ina on Friday blog posts. I turn to her cookbooks whenever I am looking for ideas and I usually end up with several dishes I just have to do so there are lots of post-its hanging out.
    I live in Glendale, CA and am an avid home cook. Looking forward to reading more from your website.

    • More Time at the Table said:

      I’m so sorry, Sophie, that I’ve just found your comment–and that Ina Fridays are long over. Certainly you can go back through the blog and read all of the Ina posts, though. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog otherwise! Happy summer and please accept my apologies again for my tardy reply.

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