I’m a veteran Colorado food blogger who lives at 6,500 feet in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. I am an avid self-taught home cook, recipe tester, cookbook writer, and cooking teacher.  I  have worked as both Jenn-Air and DACOR Chefs at Mountain High Appliance in Colorado Springs and teach cooking classes for adults and children in numerous places including my own home. I began food blogging and teaching as I started looking at retirement after a lifetime working in libraries and directing church choirs. What a joy it is!

Friend me on fb to see what’s coming up…. or look at the top right hand corner of the blog:  CURRENT CLASSES.  I’m also on twitter:  @afmorgan53 and you can see what I’m on instagram, too, as moretimeatthetable.

All the photos on the blog are taken by me unless otherwise noted.

Here’s my home kitchen and two of my favorite sous chefs.

Personal:  I’m married to the love of my life–my constant helper, sous chef, and fellow cook– and am the mom of great adult children. I’m also grandma to one adorable young man and one beautiful little girl, and am the pet of a spoiled golden retriever named Tucker and a black labradoodle, Rosie–better known as Miss Bo-Bo.

I’m a whole-life Presbyterian (PCUSA), but worship with the United Church of Christ here in Colorado Springs. I am a faithful person by desire and design and consider myself a progressive Christian who believes in the rights of all to worship –or not–as they choose. My volunteer activities include cooking or baking for many groups including Habitat for Humanity and Interfaith Hospitality Network.


Things I love:  Travel.  Spending time with those I love.  I support World Food Programme in the fight against world hunger.  I adore theater and support local music groups like the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony. I play the piano and sing daily. (Sing your heart out!)  I read. Lots. Not just books, but the New York Times every day and tons of magazines.  I’m a crazy cookbook collector, of course:

RECIPES AND BLOGS: My recipes are often simply what I’m cooking that day in my own kitchen. I’ve done my very best to give accurate accounts, but in all cases use your best judgment and cook as you like.  Some of the recipes are ones I’ve tested thoroughly; others are dishes I created and cooked once for dinner. The purpose of my blog is mostly a cooking journal for friends, family, and cooking students.  I began blogging years ago and, of course, know a lot more now than when I began. Forgive the mistakes born of love.

About SALT! My recipes are tested using Morton’s Kosher Salt. If you’re using Blue Diamond Kosher Salt, you may need a little more salt.

Friends in the kitchen decorating cookies last Christmas.

Totally devoted to encouraging people to cook at home and share the table,  I have no intention of blogging for a living, but do it because I enjoy it…and also for my loved ones and students to keep up with what’s new at my house, in my kitchen, and with the dogs. While I’m often offered free ingredients or advertising, that’s not something in which I’m interested.  The blog creates no income for me other than from students who stop by, check out the classes, and email to schedule one.

This is our wine group on a trip together.

My first More Time blog, begun in 2009, was at moretimeatthetable.blogspot.com and I also blogged for a long time at dinnerplace.blogspot.com — cooking for one.  I have been going back and updating all of the posts on this wordpress version of More Time–editing and adding {printable recipes}, but it’s slow going. Some are oddly formatted due to importing them from blogspot to wordpress. Not much I can do, but I work on it when I have time. Occasionally you’ll see my recipes other places, but I mostly these days stick to moretimeatthetable.com. I have a longterm goal of merging Dinner Place and More Time at the Table.


Gluten-Free, Vegan, South Beach Diet or Weight Watchers Diets:  My categories are merely suggestions. I am not a dietician or expert and have been known to publish the occasional mistake!  Please read recipes/labels thoroughly and follow your own good sense about what you need nutritionally.

Soup Book-Cover final

My  book — Soups & Sides for Every Season — has been published by amazon.com. Click HERE to order.

CONTACT INFO: I’d prefer that you contact me for information on photo or recipe use. I’m usually happy to share, but don’t like to see my photographs or recipes floating around the internet without a credit. Contact me @ afmorgan53@yahoo.com. If you’ll at least link back to my post, though, I’ll probably be perfectly content!

Here’s how it started in 1974. We’re still cooking up new things together!

Thanks for stopping by, cook as often as you can, and please always sing a new song,


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  1. Hi Alyce – I recently discovered you when I googled “lamb shanks ina garten” and found your blog and website. I am a huge Ina Garten fan so I signed up to receive your Ina on Friday blog posts. I turn to her cookbooks whenever I am looking for ideas and I usually end up with several dishes I just have to do so there are lots of post-its hanging out.
    I live in Glendale, CA and am an avid home cook. Looking forward to reading more from your website.

    • I’m so sorry, Sophie, that I’ve just found your comment–and that Ina Fridays are long over. Certainly you can go back through the blog and read all of the Ina posts, though. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog otherwise! Happy summer and please accept my apologies again for my tardy reply.

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