Thanksgiving Music–Wednesday through Sunday

Philip Stopford directing my favorite Thanksgiving anthem.

It is of course possible to dance a prayer. 
                                                                         ~Terri Guillemets
Over the River & Through the Woods

CDs or MP3:   VocalEssence, Garrison Keillor, and the Hopeful Gospel Quartet

                        Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.  
                                                    ~W.J. Cameron

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Red Sauce Eggs with Vegetables on Arugula

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Hunger, it is said, “is the best sauce.”  Pancakes outside cooked on a Coleman stove after a long hike.  A pot of stew in the slow cooker waiting at home while you’re at work.  Anytime you “could have eaten a horse.”

The other day Dave emerged from his tiny, temporary office (my old study) after a #$5*@!) morning and said, “I’m hungry; what’s for lunch?”  While he’s perfectly happy to get his own meals (peanut butter and crackers eaten over the sink in 5 minutes is a favorite), he’ll take more of a break if I fix anything at all.  If I’m cooking, I often cook early and he’s lucky enough to get some of it.  That day, I wasn’t cooking; I was cleaning and unpacking one more box or ten. Still, I was hungry, too.  A quick search of the fridge allowed that there were indeed eggs along with some leftover tomatoes, cooked red potatoes, and a  big box of crispy, peppery arugula.  I didn’t know what I’d make exactly, but I began with a large skillet with olive oil and onions…. Continue reading

Eggplant Timpano at the Neighborhood "Big Night" (A Great Vegetarian Thanksgiving)

Moving on this year, we added a vegetarian timpano from Stanley Tucci’s new cookbook, THE TUCCI COOKBOOK. Layered inside a 10-inch springform pan lined with thinly sliced, broiled eggplant, this luscious creation is perfect for your vegetarian Thanksgiving.

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     Our Colorado Springs neighborhood is nothing if not social.  While we don’t live in and out of one another’s pockets, we are close enough to send out an email one morning to come for a grill supper that night or to stop by for a piece of cake for an impromptu anniversary celebration. Potlucks are a regular occurrence, as are out-to-lunch get togethers, occasional golf games, book discussions, and plain old, “Come over for a glass of wine” evenings.  We know we weren’t meant to live alone.

Lamb and Barley Stew with Root Vegetables

I’m not sure why lamb isn’t eaten more the United States; I adore it.  But often people will just  blurt out, “I don’t like lamb.”  In some other parts of the world, lamb is precious, but more common than stateside–as is goat.  It doesn’t answer the question about why so many Americans “don’t like” lamb; I think they just haven’t had much of it and what they have had as been poorly prepared.  I wish they could have some stew…

I rarely had lamb growing up–and, if I did, it was a tiny lamb chop with some potatoes and peas prepared simply to showcase the sweet bite of meat.  Of course there was mint jelly.  This may have had something to do with living with in 25 miles of the Chicago Stockyards, or simply in the mid west where beef was (and is) king. Maybe it was southern-born parents cooking up north.  Maybe it was cash. Continue reading