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SHEET PAN DINNER:   A new class in my home kitchen. May 22, 2017. 10 am. – 1pm.May repeat in spring, 2018. Limit 6 students for each class. $45. ($40 cash/check) Includes lunch, wine, and cook booklet/recipes.

About Home Cooking Classes

Usually 55.00 per adult class, per person. ($5 ea discount for cash/check) $30 for children in children’s class.

  • All adult classes are limited to 6 people.  Registration info-Scroll to end.  I am, however happy to do just 2 students–  Mother or Father (Aunt? Grandma? Grandpa?) and Child– for the Children’s classes. They can also be tailored to your needs.
  • Please bring an apron if possible.
  • Fees must be prepaid. Credit cards accepted. No refunds available; a certificate for a future class will be given for cancellations.

The following classes are available in my home, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 students.  If you have enough friends or acquaintances to form any class below, call me and we’ll schedule the class if no date is given.

The pie classes can be scheduled by individuals as the dates are fixed.

Thanksgiving Desserts–Make Your Pie and Eat it, Too: An introduction to American pie baking including making basic pie dough, choosing/making fillings, baking instructions, and storage/serving information. You’ll enjoy dessert with coffee and a digestif (after dinner drink), if desired.  Two offerings:  Saturday afternoons, 1pm – 4pm– in November. Watch for exact dates for 2016.  If there is interest, a second class may be offered on crostatas (free form pies.)

French Dinner Night: Learn to cook a beautiful and simple three-course meal that includes Carrot Soup with Fresh Herbs (Potage Crecy), Chicken Fricassée (Fricassée de Poulet), and Mousse au Chocolat. Included is a recipe booklet, a short talk about ingredients, and ideas for wine pairings.  If you’ve taken this class already, another short, sweet menu is available.

A Little Italian Night:  Put together a stunning antipasti platter, cook a favorite Italian soup, and learn how to make the quintessential homemade crostadas (free form pies) that appear regularly on Italian menus.  Wine and espresso included.

Brunch:  Learn brunch basics for a fabulous Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Bridal Shower Brunch including 1. How to make any classic quiche, including homemade crust, 2. Creating and cooking luscious homemade sausage, 3. Baking a quick banana or apple bread pudding. Included is a recipe booklet, a short talk about ingredients, and ideas for wine pairings.

Make a Great Pizza at Home along with a Stellar Salad:  Dough, toppings, cheese, and sauces. No special equipment necessary. Plus the perfect chopped salad including a spicy homemade mustard vinaigrette. Recipe booklet and ideas for wine pairings included.

Kids Cook! PART 1: I Learn to Make Dinner, ages 5-14: Southwestern Meatloaf and California Salad. Includes recipe booklet to take home. These recipes do not include nuts, but do include dairy. (Parents of children 5-8 should plan to remain during the class or sign up with the child.)

Summer Soups or Soups!: Summer Soups: Make two beautiful and healthy no-cook soups to keep you cool this summer: Gazpacho with Grilled Shrimp and Spicy Cucumber with Feta and Red Peppers  Soups!:  Seasonal Soups are prepped, cooked, and eaten with a small side, wine, and dessert..Recipes are from Chef Alyce’s own soup cookbook, SOUPS & SIDES FOR EVERY SEASON. Copy of book included in the price of the class.

Kids Cook! PART 2, ages 5-14. I Learn to Make Dessert: Learn two dessert basics: Chocolate Mousse and Decorated Carrot Cake Cupcakes. Includes recipe booklet to take home. These recipes do not include nuts, but do include dairy products. (Parents of children 5-8 should plan to remain during the class or sign up with the child.)



    GRILLING THE WHOLE MEAL  3 hour class for adults only to include basic grilling for starters, main dishes, vegetables/salads, and dessert.  We’ll grill outdoors on a gas grill and indoors on a stovetop grill.  You’ll eat your work, naturally.


DESIGN YOUR OWN WHOLE MEAL SALAD  3 hour class for adults only.  Includes instruction and creation of two whole meal salads (one vegetarian, one salmon) with booklet including ideas for an unending display of easy, healthy dishes for the entire year.

No nuts will be used in any recipes, though food may be prepared using equipment that has been used for recipes that include nuts.


  • We reserve the right to change foods/ingredients depending on availability or costs. 
  • Payment for classes: Cash, Credit card, or check payable to Alyce Morgan, mailed ahead. $5 discount for cash/check. Payment due at registration or right before class begins if you’ve registered late.
  • Cancellation: We require one week advance notice for cancellations. If cancellation is necessary, I will issue you a credit for a future class. In the event that  I cancel a class, a FULL REFUND will be given and you will be notified as soon as possible.


To register, call Alyce Morgan @ 719-440-3383

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