Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Zucchini–Going on Vacay


More Time will be on vacation for a few weeks after this post.  If there’s a possibility of a bit of writing and posting while I’m gone, I’ll be in touch! In the meantime, check out my fb page and enjoy the rest of your summer, friends.

When I have a really busy weekend coming up, this is the kind of meal I throw together on Thursday or Friday Night.  A lovely, big roasty sort of meat — or maybe a hefty oven-cooked chicken — is just the thing to tide us over without another hour or two in the kitchen. Sandwiches, tacos, salads, frittatas or cold slicing and snacking fill in the meals for the next few days. (I also give instructions for a yummy leftover hot meal –pork and mushrooms over rice with a rich sauce.) You’re free to do whatever it is needs doing. Like cleaning out your kitchen or packing for a trip, going to garage sales, or hiking and biking (or chatting on the porch) if you’re on a vacation or at the cabin.


A couple of weeks ago, I made two crispy pork tenderloins and we ate off them for days.  I’m likely to buy these in cryopac at Costco where they’re a great value two to a pack. (You actually get two 2-packs and can freeze half.)  I wrapped them up in bacon, browned them on the stove top and threw them in the oven to finish cooking while I sautéed a big bunch of zucchini.  Over the following days, we ate barbecued pork sandwiches, tacos, and then threw some in a Cobb-type salad as a last resort. Continue reading

Ina Fridays — Appetizers — Roasted Shrimp Cocktail in the Empty Kitchen


If you like old school dishes, this one’s for you.  No matter how old you are, shrimp cocktail might still sound like something your parents had before their dinner at the steakhouse or maybe mom even made them for starters for Thanksgiving one year. (Is there anything easier or more fun?)  I loved making this.  It was simple, fast, fun, and I made it just for me; the recipe — if you can call it that — is perfect to cut down for one or two.  I had to choose a dish that was so simple it screamed as I nearly have no kitchen.  My utensils consist of a table fork, knives, and a skinny spatula.  I have a bowl and a plate. And a rimmed baking sheet. My cutting board.  Nearly everything else is in the basement or packed away in the garage as we await demolition of our kitchen, which was scheduled next week. And now is put off at least a week or two while we do an asbestos abatement.  Hmph.  Our timeline said we’ll be done by the last week in September.  You heard it here; put it on your calendars and Nah-Nah-Nah me later.

This is the main part of my one-butt kitchen, a good old galley I love.  Great working triangle.  I had the same cabinets in a townhouse in Germany and have always loved plastic cabinets (melamine.)  Just wipe them off.  Very ’80s Euro.  I’m going to shed a few tears when it starts to disappear.  Cabinets are going to Habitat for Humanity.

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