BBQ Chicken-Grilled Veggie Stack with Southwestern Rice Salad


Recipe created in honor of Rev. Benjamin Broadbent and his lovely family.

While the old deck disappears and the new one is added, our summer dinner spot is gone.  This seems to be a theme in our lives lately. (Change is in the air.) Outdoor tables and chairs are stored in the garage; patio candles sit awkwardly in a living room corner. Cushions and pillows are propped up next to the piano or rest at odd angles under sofa tables in the family room.  We have cabin fever this year in the summer because from May – September, we do not eat indoors unless there’s a horrific storm or we’re in a restaurant.  Our life, from 5:00 on — when sun is on the western side of our house — is outdoors.  But not, sadly, for two weeks. Continue reading

Spicy Shrimp on Lemon-Chive Risotto with Tomato Salad or What to Eat After a Cruise


A thought for the evening following a political convention:

“In a world so torn apart by rivalry, anger, and hatred, we have the privileged vocation to be living signs of a love that can bridge all divisions and heal all wounds.”

–Henri Nouwen

                               from a Diana Butler Bass post on fb

Just home from an Alaskan cruise...What words could I use to describe it?  None, I think. A few photos might help.

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Cream of Veggie Tray Soup with Cheese or After the Ball is Over


NOTE TO READERS:  THE BLOG AND I ARE NOW ON VACATION UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM US AGAIN. Enjoy your summer. Eat all the tomatoes you can.  Drink all the ice-cold margaritas someone else will make you.  Garden as possible, hike, or walk in the park.  Get to water while the sun shines and simply look at it if you’re not climbing into a kayak.

Party leftovers engender their very own meals and why not?  This morning there were 10 leftover egg whites (from lots of ice cream making), a tray a veggies, pulled pork, tortillas, and salsa.  A few minutes later there were breakfast tacos. I did find a little bacon to start that whole thing off.  I now love pulled pork breakfast tacos.IMG_3664

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