The One Minute and Thirty Second Eggs with Tomatoes Breakfast or How I Eat without a Kitchen

Food-Eggs, Microwaved with tomatoes

I’m a girl who likes her breakfast hot.  Except when I don’t.  And then I want Greek yogurt and fresh fruit with my homemade granola.

I often make eggs or egg whites with tons of vegetables or sometimes with just a few:

Herb-Spinach Egg White Omelet with Salsa 

Egg and Egg White Omelet Filled with Cottage Cheese on Whole Wheat Toast

IMG_5386Mashed Potato Eggs

But without my kitchen, without my stove, I’m just a bit lost. I’ll admit it.  Here’s my old kitchen—SOB SOB…What was I thinking??


And here’s what it looks like right now:


YES! YES! It’s beautiful and getting better every day.  (I’m perverse, I’ll admit it; I do feel both ways.)

So, since the kitchen remodel has bled over into the entire first floor, I’m in the basement a lot. Lest you think that’s a nasty, cold, dirty cement sort of basement, I’ll set you straight.  We have a ranch with a walk-out basement full of windows and light.  There’s a big bathroom, a bedroom, an office, and a laundry room that now is equipped with a small prep table, a box of edible necessities, and a microwave.  Enter the One Minute and Thirty Second Eggs with Tomatoes Breakfast that this very morning was made with my home grown tomatoes.  I just picked them, the first to ripen,  yesterday.  Which was a good thing; it snowed this morning.  Ah, Colorado.  (I did cover the plants with black plastic last night; it supposed to warm up tomorrow.) 



serves 1-2

  1. *Oil or spray a deep microwave-safe bowl and crack two eggs into it.  Polk each yolk once and poke the whites several times in different places.  Season with salt and pepper.
  2. *Add 4-5 small-medium slices of fresh tomato on top of the eggs.   Cover tightly with plastic wrap.
  3. *Microwave at full power for about a minute and a half.  Let sit 30 seconds before carefully removing the bowl from the oven with mitts, opening gently (STEAM!!), and eating hot right from the bowl.

Cook’s Note:  Microwaves vary. Your eggs could take a few less or a few more seconds.

Fussy Eaters might season with Sriracha or add a piece of buttered toast after their espresso is made.

Local readers:  Join me tomorrow at SHOUSE APPLIANCES (N Academy and Austin Bluffs–just off the SE corner) for a book signing and soup tasting tomorrow, Saturday, September 13 10-1.  I’ll be serving up Corned Beef with Potato Soup with Irish Cheddar.  Come see me and dream about a new stove or fridge for Thanksgiving!

Sing a new song,


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