Friday Fish: More Time’s Top 10 Salmon Recipes

Salmon Tacos with Basil Pesto Yogurt Sauce


No Hassle Easter Menu    Carrot Cake Cup Cakes       Czech Easter Bread

As Lent wends its way toward an inevitable close this Holy Week, I’m reading the book:

as I have for quite a few years now (I don’t always finish it), as well as writing lists for Easter and getting the potluck at our house organized. Dinner rolls for 20 people are being made ahead of time today. How many rolls do you think 20 people will eat when bread is anathema to many?  Read here about the health benefits of grains.


I’m making 3 dozen and my guess is I’ll have not one left for Easter Monday breakfast. Of course there’s Irish butter and that helps encourage folks; I’ll admit that. These rolls are whole wheat and the dough is made without a care in a bread machine. Remember those? When one batch is done, I start another. Freeze the whole shebang and take them out Sunday morning. Pop them in the oven to heat for a few minutes when the lamb comes out.

Above:  My good friend Joshua making these rolls several years ago in my old kitchen.

I’m also getting ready to make Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday.


Hot Cross Buns and Clam Chowder post

This year, though, I’m trying famous bread baker Beth Hensperger’s bread machine recipe for Hot Cross Buns just for grins and giggles–and because the machine’s already out.  That recipe and many more are in her excellent book, THE BREAD LOVER’S BREAD MACHINE COOKBOOK.  Have a bread machine stuck away in the garage? Get it out and give it a go.  A version of that recipe online here.  Otherwise, of course, you’ll have to buy the book!


Dave is thawing out an after-Christmas sale turkey he’ll smoke Saturday. It’s over 15 pounds, so it’s in the fridge today as frozen poultry thaws at the rate of 4 pounds per day.

Testing the Italian-Style Braised Lamb recipe I used for the Italian Easter Dinner Class –what a fun experience with 25 students–has been total happiness. I’m waiting on the class photos from the photographer, but here’s one from last year’s similar class:

I’ve made it 2 times now and Saturday will be the third as I’m braising it til it’s quite rare, cooling and refrigerating it overnight, then slicing it thinly and reheating it briefly in its winey-briney sauce. Perhaps it’ll be the charm, but I don’t know because it’s been above and beyond every time. I do adore lamb and you only need a small portion; it’ll feed a gang. Rewriting the recipe so that it will make sense to you is a whole different deal. I’m on the third try there.  If I get it all done, I’ll post it before the end of the week. It could, however, wait for 2019.

Salmon on  Broccoli-Parm Mash with Scallion PestoOne-Pan Salmon Dinner on Potatoes and Asparagus with Thyme and Chives

In other words, life is full here and a recap of my best and favorite salmon recipes…

Salmon with Avocado-Almond Salsa on Kale and Brown Rice

seemed totally the far and away best thing to do.

Sheet Pan Dinner:  Dijon Salmon with Garlicky Green Beans and Mushrooms

I won’t tell you which is my favorite.  Maybe because it’s the next one I’ll make.

Balsamic Glazed Salmon on Zucchini Cakes

The salad below is one I’ve taught at my Whole Meal Salads Class and I regularly receive photos from students who’ve made it. I’ll give you it’s a bit summery, though that shouldn’t stop you.

Salmon Salad with Broccolini, Kale, and Avocado Mayonnaise

If it’s cold, you can make a chowder, though:

Quick Salmon and Irish Cheddar Chowder

And if you’re low-carbing, leave out my heart-healthy grains and sub greens in a couple of the recipes or you could just make this version:

Salmon on Eggplant Sauté with Olives and Peppadews

I promise you won’t be hungry at night if you make the dish below:

Tinfoil Salmon and Buttered Tomatoes on Brown Rice

…and that’s a wonderful promise because night eating is an issue people mention often to me. It’s not something I’ve ever dealt with, but it does seem as if a balanced meal does its very best to head off that 9pm raiding the cabinets for chips. Somtimes!

Whatever one you choose–and these are all my original recipes– I’d like to hear about it. Even people who cook no other fish often cook salmon and I hope you will, too. Happy last Friday Fish. Glad you’ve been along for the ride.

Cook a new fish recipe, ok?


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