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To say that I’m not a cocktail drinker would be almost totally true.  Sweet drinks and I are not fond nor permanent partners.  That said, I’m sitting here drinking the above cocktail while I type.  (Was I supposed to throw it away?)

It wouldn’t be exactly a lie.  I’m not a big drinker of spirits, though I lived through enough Minnesota summers to fall in love with very icy vodka tonics with extra lime, please.  If there’s a twofer on a cruise, Dave and I will each have a vodka tonic and since we’re on the subject, we once watched an old geezer down four in a row right in front of us as we sailed away from Quebec City.  (Walked into the dining room for dinner straight up sober an hour later, too, though he got sent home for no tie.  Returned in five with a bolo.)  Then there’s the once-a-summer margarita when someone fixes them before a Mexican feast. You can’t say no, right?  Face it, if you read this blog, you’ll know I’m a wino born and bred to the 750 ml bottle.  I’m a progressive Christian who believes that if it was good enough for Jesus — and it was — it’s good enough for me.   I’ll have a beer if the bar has wine I wouldn’t serve my dog or if my son’s been brewing.  Now that you know my drinking habits, I’ll look forward to an invitation.


Anyway– when the recipe indicates Jack Daniels, I know this is some sort of brown stuff in a bottle, but I’m not exactly sure what it’s supposed to taste like.  Scotch I know from.  It turns out that this is something we keep in the spirits cabinet on a regular basis as a few family members drink “Jack” and coke. In fact, we were clean out of it and I had to go buy a pint.  The more I think about it, I remember my mother and father visiting the distillery–and adoring the trip.  I have a few squeeze one eye shut, tilt the head memories of female southern relatives mentioning “she looked like she had her a little ‘Jack’ in her coffee that morning.”  Now we know Ina is almost the furthest thing from a southern girl we can imagine, but Jack she called for and Jack I bought because Fresh Whiskey Sours are her favorite cocktail.


While many alcoholic beverages have no redeeming nutritional value, this little beauty is full of citrus.  I squeezed four limes and three lemons for a half-recipe.  And while they won’t give you energy either –the opposite, perhaps — maybe this one is different as it’s got a sweet dose of white sugar syrup. Ha. The alcohol itself seems to have nothing at all but calories, but we knew that, right? Ahhhh….  Get the recipe right here:

Ina Garten’s Favorite Cocktail– post from The Kitchn

I’m guessing you’d like to know how I liked this cocktail?  I liked it fine.  Did I like it better than a margarita?  Maybe. Maybeeee.  Did I like it better than a very icy vodka tonic with extra lime, please?  Definitely not.  Or at least not for warm weather.  Today, friends and readers, it is not warm.


Today, Colorado Springs is cold with uncharacteristically gray skies, snow, sleet, and very unhappy robins.


 Did I like it better than wine?  Come on.  But I did like it.

What would I change?  Since this is the first Fresh Whiskey Sour in my memory, I’d say that I’d like them a tad more sour (so add more juice or use less simple syrup) and might like mine over ice.  While it was really cold at first, it soon was not and cold it definitely should be.  I’ll note that a friend and long-time restaurant-bar owner told me real whiskey sours call for a beaten/shaken egg white to make them foamy and creamy.  While I wouldn’t put raw egg whites on my blog, you might consider it if you make a batch any time soon and aren’t serving to anyone with a compromised immune system.


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14 thoughts on “Ina Fridays — Appetizers and Drinks — Whiskey Sours

  1. Kind of funny, of all the blogs I’ve checked out so far, I’m the only one who posted an appetizer! In any case, these whiskey sours look good. I love sour things and citrus, so have always been curious about whiskey sours. Might have to ask my husband to make me one!

    • I notice a couple of you said something about “the husband making one” and that’s how cocktails are at our house. I wasn’t even sure how the cocktail shaker went together. Learn something new from Ina every day!

  2. I have never had a whiskey sour. Probably because as a kid I never liked smelling whiskey on people’s breath .. LOL I must have the husband make me one. Have a wonderful trip Alyce.

    • Have him make one one night. They’re pretty tasty! The trip was half-wonderful (part with the daughter) and half oh-my-God, we have to clean out this old house since it sold. Ugh. I’m way behind in comments, but I’m almost done.

  3. Where would the Catholics be without Jesus’s example of drinking wine? It’s
    been centuries since I’ve had a whisky sour, but I really don’t go in for mixed drinks too much anymore. I have to admit that they are fun, on occasion. I’m glad I don’t live in Colorado at this time of the year. Summer might be nice though.

    • I’m not much for spirits, as I said, but if I am, I like mixed drinks better than cocktails, which are often full of sugar — as is this one. But cocktails, like birthday cake, aren’t for every day. They’re for a special night out or a celebration. I think I’ll have one once in a while–you’re right, they’re fun. Colorado in summer (and most of winter) is AWESOME. Up on the mesa, on the west side (nearer the foothills in Colorado Springs) the temperature begins to fall as soon as that sun hits the mountains and often before. Not unusual to have a sweatshirt on in the evening. Stop by.

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