Linguine Caprese or How I Got My Tomatoes On

Saute a little garlic and shallots; cook up some pasta.  Add fresh tomatoes, chopped mozzerella, parsley and basil. That’s it.

I seem to be spending every waking hour figuring out how to use up the cherry tomatoes and basil that just keep coming.  (Was there a little voice whispering, “Fresh pasta?”)

Of course I’ve reverted to my childhood and sometimes find myself wandering the garden in the middle of the night, salt shaker in hand.  (Well…nearly, anyway.)  I’m grabbing a tiny tomato or two when I walk to the corner for milk.  Handing off a handful to the kids who wander by looking at  tomato plants that by now grow out into the driveway.  And.  More than one person struts by singing “Little Shop of Horrors.”  Don’t think I haven’t thought of it.  Nothing I do can stop this red and green machine. The only solution is to eat.  Night and day.  I’m somehow reminded of Raffi here? “I like to eat, eat, eat…”

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Translation:  eat, tomatoes, my lover…, tomatoes, night and day…..That gives healthy look…it’s full of vitamins…vitamins A B C it is Well for the health…. et voila!

Meanwhile,  here’s the easy method to making this fresh tomato pasta–no real recipe needed.  Follow the pics:

1.  Bring to a boil 6 qts of salted, peppered water with a couple of big sprigs of basil…Meanwhile:

2. Warm  1/ 4 cup olive oil over medium low heat with a big pinch of crushed red pepper, 2 large minced shallots, and 3 minced garlic cloves.  Let cook gently 2-3 minutes until vegetables are softened.

3. Meantime, cut 8 oz fresh mozzerella into 1 inch pieces; set aside..

4. Drop 9 oz fresh linguine into the by now boiling water.

Let the pasta cook about 3 minutes (then drain) while you:

5. Slice in half about 3 cups of cherry tomatoes (or use large tomatoes and dice them)


6.  Pour drained, hot pasta back into the pot.  To the pasta, add shallot mixture, chopped basil, tomatoes, and 1/2 cup each chopped fresh parsley and basil.  Season well with fresh ground black pepper and  a good pinch of salt. Taste and adjust seasonings.  Toss well and cover for 2-3 minutes until tomatoes are softened and cheese is melting.   Serve hot or at room temperature, garnished with a bit more parsley,  and pass the pepper grinder at the table.

Take a few pictures.  This is beautiful food.


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Sing a new song,

4 thoughts on “Linguine Caprese or How I Got My Tomatoes On

  1. @Linda: That pesky picky eater– Sure he'll eat this!! Mine will eat just about anything except tuna casserole. Once in a while I buy a frozen one, but it has no potato chips on top!

  2. Wonderfully simple! I get fresh tomatoes delivered sometimes from a farmer friend and I too eat those babies standing at the counter with my salt shaker…yummy! Your pasta is perfection. Your my kinda cook Alyce!Patty xo

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