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Peach Dream Ice Cream

Peach Dream Ice Cream

…a little like a peach and a little like a dreamsicle…

I never make peach ice cream that I don’t think of my friend Sue. I can’t remember all of the details or the occasion, but she once upon a time made a whole big mess of peach ice cream with her dear buddy, Father John Reedy, long-time much-loved editor at Ave Maria Press at Notre Dame University. Somehow no one got the memo and so there were no takers for dessert. The two were left with more ice cream than you could wave a scoop at. Needless to say, I don’t see Sue eating a ton of peach ice cream these days.

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Cooking with Addie:  Cherry-Peach Muffins

Cooking with Addie: Cherry-Peach Muffins


IMG_3964 3

Cooking with Addie posts will come up periodically and are designed for older kids or teens learning to cook. Not a kid? Make this anyway!!

It wasn’t too awfully hot this morning, so I was willing to turn on the oven to make some muffins I’ve been dreaming about for quite a while. Addie, my young fellow cook and blog-reader, is quite a baker according to her mom and also from the photos I’ve seen. It seemed a good thing for the next “COOKING WITH ADDIE” (a short series of older kids’ cooking posts this summer) to be something scrumptious for the oven. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, I think you might enjoy some seasonal summer muffins this year.  (Dessert is still coming up in the last post of the series; don’t despair!)

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Peach Amaretto Bread Pudding

Peach Amaretto Bread Pudding

I don’t know how they do it, but for the last couple of weeks Idaho and Utah orchards have still been shipping peaches to Colorado. Of course, we are very taken with our own western-slope peaches (gone for over a month by now) and our small, but delectable selection of irrigated Penrose apples, but when you can’t get local and the brought-in stuff is still firmly-fleshed and sweetly calling, you eat them for breakfast with Greek yogurt every morning until…………until there are no more.

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