Baby Kale and Kluski Noodles with Chicken


When you google Chicken and Noodles, there are over 23 million results.  Anyone who cooks and isn’t a vegetarian has probably made some variation on the Chicken and Noodles theme, such as this one from a couple of years ago on this very blog:

How quickly can you say Chicken and Noodles?

Chicken and Noodles FAST or How I Got my Snow Day (click for recipe)

I will promise you that not every pot of chicken and noodles is created equally, despite the therapeutic advantages of most of them.   I could say more, but perhaps you yourself remember tasteless or greasy noodle messes you were forced to endure somewhere.  These deconstructed chicken and noodles — as it were –aren’t either of those things.  Neither are they the typical chicken and noodles all together in a big pot and ladled into deep bowls to warm you up or chase away a cold. (Though this might do both anyway.)  This meal is perhaps simpler, but is definitely just as satisfying and has the added bonus of several cups of fresh baby kale. Is it faster than a pot of chicken and noodles?  It’s probably faster than most of them, but not as fast as my Chicken and Noodles Fast! (above) Continue reading “Baby Kale and Kluski Noodles with Chicken”