Steak and Vegetable Kebabs with Rice Pilaf

Truth in blogging: I took these with my iPhone in horrible weather.

When I was a young, newly-married cook, my mother-in-law Lorna often made kebabs for a treat or company dinner.    IMG_6111

Her ’70s old school style was to take pot roast — yes, pot roast — cut it up and marinate it for a day or so– before grilling the pieces along with whatever vegetables hit her fancy.  I seem to recall canned small potatoes. I’ll admit I liked this meal just fine. I couldn’t believe it was pot roast and neither could anyone else.  It was just like steak. Well, nearly.

(June, 2017 addition:  my MIL tells me the marinating was just overnight–not days and days!) Continue reading “Steak and Vegetable Kebabs with Rice Pilaf”